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The Applecart

The Applecart

Jeandré Cooke

Director Bellavista S.H.A.R.E.

In supporting inexperienced teachers to manage challenging behaviour in their lessons, I would often suggest that they observe their more experienced colleagues to gain an insight into the strategies that they employed. Often the observers would return frustrated because, in their view, their more experienced counterparts ‘didn’t have to deal with discipline problems’ and therefore hadn’t exhibited any of the behaviour management techniques that they had hoped to see. Indeed, no detentions had…
Surviving the exam season can seem like navigating through a field filled with landmines: you know there will be an explosion at some point but you’re not sure exactly where the danger lies. As a teacher or parent your role is to support your children to achieve the optimal balance between being too relaxed and being paralysed by anxiety. When dealing with a child who finds revision difficult, this is an even greater…
Saturday, 23 April 2016 05:56

What’s Maths Got To Do With It?

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Napoleon famously quipped that “The advancement and perfection of Mathematics are intimately connected with the prosperity of the State." Professor Jonathan Jansen, in his memorial address to Helen Suzman, reminds us of the value of Mathematics: “Why is Mathematics so fundamental to history, design, art and engineering? Because Mathematics is not about numbers. It is about value—practical value, disciplinary value and cultural value. We count and calculate, measure and anticipate, earn and spend,…
Thursday, 17 March 2016 04:56

Shift Happens

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Last Thursday, President Jacob Zuma, speaking at the Disability Rights Summit and Launch of Presidential Working Group on Disability in Pretoria, announced that the South African government will ensure that students with disabilities are accommodated in mainstream schools by 2021. While this enactment of the Education White Paper Six published in 2001 is not unexpected, it does raise significant questions about the preparedness of South African schools and educators for such an act.…