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Instrumental Enrichment: Standard I (Instruments 1-7) - 07 to 12 June 2020

Instrumental Enrichment: Standard I (Instruments 1-7) - 07 to 12 June 2020
Brand: Canon
Date: 07/12/2020
Price: R14,500.00

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Workshops at Bellavista School, JHB

Instrumental Enrichment: Standard I (Instruments 1-7)

HPCSA Awards 40 CEUs (Level 1)

Instrumental Enrichment is a critical thinking programme originally developed by Professor Reuven Feuerstein. It consists of a series of non-curricular tasks, designed to strengthen learning skills through various cognitive exercises. 

There are two sets of Instrumental Enrichment programmes: The IE Basic programme for young children and low-functioning individuals, and the IE Standard programme, which is used with children aged nine and older, high-school students, and adults of all ages. Learners are guided through the tasks by a mediator who helps them develop strategies for problem solving and analytic thinking that they can apply to the rest of their lives.

IE Standard is a series of structured paper-and-pencil exercises that gradually increase in levels of difficulty and abstraction. The materials are organised into workbooks called “instruments” and each instrument focuses on a specific cognitive area. There are 14 instruments in the IE Standard programme. This course, IE Standard I, covers the first SEVEN instruments. If there is sufficient interest, training in Standard II (the remaining seven instruments) will be arranged for early 2020.

IE Standard can be used in a classroom or workplace setting, with small groups of targeted learners, and as a one-to-one therapeutic intervention with individuals aged approximately nine and older.

IE training may only be provided by certified Feuerstein-supervised professionals who have mastered the Feuerstein learning methods and have several years of experience in the field. On completion of the course, attendees will be registered with the Feuerstein Institute in Israel, who will issue the relevant certificate. Practitioners require this documentation to purchase additional materials and to utilise the instruments.

 Why is it so expensive?

Courses are expensive to run- one needs to take into account the presenter fees, catering, admin and support staff costs, security guards, accreditation costs, marketing etc. With Instrumental enrichment, there is also the cost of the materials, which are ordered from Israel and priced in US dollars. In addition, the Feuerstein Institute levies a fee of USD150 per person trained. 


Place: Bellavista School, 35 Wingfield Avenue, JHB

Dates: 07-12 June 2020 (Six Days)

Time: 07h30-17h30

Cost: R14,500.00 per person (Feuerstein Institute royalties and materials, valued at approximately R7,500.00 included)


Bellavista reserves the right to cancel this event if there is insufficient interest