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Child of our Time: Anxiety Online Workshop - 7 April 2020

Child of our Time: Anxiety Online Workshop - 7 April 2020
Brand: Canon
Date: 2020/04/07
Price: R1,850.00

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Child of our Time: Anxiety
Online Workshop

Dr Natalie Solomon- Clinical Psychologist
Ms Roseen Ress- Occupational Therapist
Dr Wendy Duncan- Child Psychiatrist
HPCSA Awards 6 CEUs/ SACSSP CPD Points Available on Request 

HPCSA Awards 6 CEUs / SACSSP CPD Points Available on Request

Anxiety is a normal and self-protective emotional response. Unfortunately, we have become over-sensitized to life stressors, and an emotion that was meant to keep us safe has now become one that is detrimental to our well-being. When a person regularly feels disproportionate levels of anxiety, it becomes a disorder. This workshop aims to unpack what is an anxiety disorder. It will explore its various manifestations which include both behavioural and physiological symptomatology. The workshop will explore how anxiety can significantly impact on all areas of one’s life namely social functioning, academic performance, and cognitive development.  If left untreated, anxiety manifestations can follow into adulthood, leading to other functioning impairments. While anxiety is a combination of genetics, temperament, and environmental experiences, there is additionally a correlation between anxious children and anxious parents.  In attempting to gain a greater understanding of a parent’s effect on their child’s anxiety, it is important to look at the distinct parenting styles that may contribute to the maintenance and exacerbation of anxiety. Anxiety cannot always be avoided, but it can be reduced. We explore therapeutic interventions that place emphasis on emotional acceptance, psychological flexibility, self-regulation and mindfulness. Lastly the workshop will explore medication as an intervention when necessary. 


You will have access to the content on the 7th April and it will be available to you for three months thereafter. In order for you to obtain your CPD points you will need to answer questions related to the content. We will also be including the following online material:

- ADHD and Anxiety: Professor Venter

- Behaviour is a Symptom: Melodie de Jager

All login details will be emailed to you closer to the time.  


Date: Tuesday 7 April 2020

Cost: R1 850.00